Replacement Lens Cap for Nightfox Prowl

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  • Replacement lens cap for the Prowl
  • 2mm stained glass
  • Ideal for replacing lost lens caps
Rs. 1,500.00

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  • This replacement lens cap is designed for the Nightfox Prowl only. it serves as a replacement for the lens cap included as standard with the Nightfox Prowl.
  • Made with 2mm stained glass, the lens cap is designed to protect the harder-to-replace camera lens behind it. The lens cap does not have to be taken off while the monocular is in use.
  • Ideal for replacing lost lens caps, or if you always want a spare to hand.


  • Compatible with: Nightfox Prowl only
    Materials: Rubber, glass
    Glass thickness: 2mm
    EAN: 5060577470656

what's included

Replacment lens cap for Nightfox Prowl only