Welcome to Nightfox.

Our best-selling products are loved in 65 countries by customers and industry experts. Nightfox products are praised for their ease of use, innovative new features, and customer focus. We've sold over 80,000 night vision devices worldwide.

We're a UK-based team, who love hearing from customers about their night vision needs, and using feedback to develop the next generation of digital night vision products. Our valued long-term customers include ecologists, security professionals and governments.

Digital night vision is an exciting, ever-growing industry, and we are at the forefront of innovating it. Our long term aim is to produce devices which can compare with alternatives costing thousands of dollars, but at a fraction of the cost.

Why trust Nightfox?

We look after customers, long after they’ve made a purchase. We take great pride in helping the Nightfox community, wherever they are. You can rely on our Nightfox 18 Month Warranty or 2 Year Warranty (our more recent products have a longer warranty). We’re available by phone or email to provide product support and help with any queries. Click here to get in touch with us!

Start your adventure

With Nightfox Night Vision Technology, you’re guaranteed many rewarding night-time adventures. To get the most out of your Nightfox, check out our how-to videos and product features on our Youtube Channel.