Dual Mounting Bridge Rail (DT1) for Nightfox Prowl

Nightfox products are exclusively available in India through our partnered distributor Future Media. Please click or tap to access their website.
  • Mounts two Prowl monoculars side-by-side
  • Works with mounts included with the Prowl
  • Aluminum construction
Rs. 1,500.00

Contact Future Media for delivery and stock information in India.


  • This metal 'bridge' allows you to simultaneously mount two Nightfox Prowls onto a helmet or a head mount.
  • It is only compatible with the Nightfox Prowl night vision monocular - and not any other device.
  • Please note you will also need the screws and mounting assembly that came with your Nightfox Prowl devices.


  • Material: Aluminium
    Compatible with: Nightfox Prowl monocular (two units)
    EAN: 5060577470816

what's included

Aluminium dual bridge adaptor for fitting two Nightfox Prowls, side by side.