Troubleshooting and instructions

We have produced some instructions and troubleshooting pages for specific units.

  • The Swift 2 and Swift 2 Pro.

  • The Nightfox Prowl.

  • The Nightfox Corsac 2

  • Night vision setup guides

    Oour youtube channel has video instructions for all recently produced Nightfox products. You can watch the instructions for the Nightfox Swift 1 here.

    My device won't stay on, or turns off when IR is enabled

    If you’re having difficulties turning up the IR on your nightfox, or doing so causes the unit to cut out, the problem commonly occurs when one of the batteries installed in the device is a dud. What happens is the remaining batteries can’t deal with the increasing strain (as you increase the IR strength) and the unit eventually cuts out. 

    Please check the batteries you have installed and see if this fixes the problem - if you continue to have issues, get in touch with us and we’ll, of course, be happy to help out!

    The image on my device isn't clear

    All Nightfox binoculars have a manual focus. Please check the following,

    •You are using the focus wheel, the position of the focus wheel varies on each device.
    •The IR is on, and set to maximum brightness.
    •The lens cap has been removed.

    Please contact us for more support.

    My device works in the day, but not at Night

    For devices such as the Corsac, 100V and 110R ensure that you have removed the lens cap from your device for use at night and that you have turned the IR setting up.

    Lens cap on night vision goggles